Acting Resume

Agreed Upon Fictions Katie 16th Street/Megan Schuchman
Dental Society Midwinter Meeting Ensemble Theatre on the Lake/M Schuchman
Dental Society Midwinter Meeting Ensemble 16th Street/Megan Schuchman
Christmas Story Mom Noble Fool/ John Gawlik
365 Days/365 Plays Ensemble Goodman/ Adam Belcuore
Cradle of Man Debra Victory Gardens / S. Shinner
Polish Joke Portia, Rachel Noble Fool / Patrick Carton
Cat Feet Molly Northlight / B.J. Jones
Sky Girls Lillian Northlight / B.J. Jones
The Battle of the Bands Claire Victory Gardens / S. Shinner
The Mai Beck Irish Repertory/K. Martinovich
The Manchurian Candidate Jocie Jordan Shattered Globe / Lou Contey
Wrong Turn at Lungfish Understudy Steppenwolf/ Garry Marshall
The Angles of Lemnos Ellen Chicago Dramatists/R. Stanton
Proposals Josie Theatre at the Center/L Contey
Quilters Lisa Buffalo Theatre / Craig Berger
Bully Pulpit Alice Historyonics / Patton Chiles
Funny Valentines Ellen Drury Lane / David Mink
The Perfect Wedding Julie Drury Lane / David Mink
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hippolyta Shakespeare Proj. / P. Guarino
Timon of Athens Caphis Shakespeare Proj. / M. Polster
Somebody Foreign Peggy Prop Theatre / Robin Stanton
Mr. Popper’s Penguins Janie Lifeline Theatre / Sean Abley
Troy Women Chorus Trap Door / Michael Pieper
Witch of Blackbird Pond Kit Chicago Childrens Theatre
The Princess and the Pea Princess Chicago Childrens Theatre
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Hermia Arts Lanes / Gina Kaufmann
Suffering Fools Elizabeth Commons Theatre / M. Nowak
The Lion in Winter Alais Canterbury Theatre/R. Crawford
City of Angels Alaura Canterbury Theatre/R. Crawford
Conflicts available upon request
Member of Wavelength – award-winning comedy troupe.
Iga Hanes Allegiance
Kraft Novus Andersen Consulting
Keebler Sprint PCS Searle Pharmeceuticals
McDonald’s Illinois Bell Baxter Pharmeceuticals
DeKalb Procter & Gamble Siemens
Buick DePuy Compaq
Radio / Voiceover
WBEZ Chicago Theatre’s on the Air The Manchurian Candidate
Guest Star: Kelsey Grammer Producer: Robert Neuhaus
WBEZ Chicago Matters Series A Sense of Belonging
Director: Michael E. Myers Producer: Kathe Telingator
Big Sky Media Open Court Stories on Tape Sarah Plain and Tall
Director: Bob Schroeder