Stand Up on the Schoolyard

Six years ago, I created a bullying prevention program for 2nd – 8th graders. Called Stand Up on the Schoolyard, students explore bullying, empathy and courage through drama-based exercises that strengthen their sense of community. They participate in role-plays, share stories, and get down to the messy work of collaborating in ways they aren’t used to. And it’s kind of a lot of fun. The 6-10 session curriculum culminates in students creating an original theatre piece about bullying to share with other classes.

Through Wavelength, I now offer workshops for teachers in which I share this curriculum and my approach, along with exercises that can be used in the classroom to foster empathy, tolerance and honest conversations about bullying.

In the last year, I’ve expanded Stand Up on the Schoolyard to include a keynote for teens that I recently presented to 3200 high school students at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, IL.

I was also asked to present at the 2015 National Conference on Bullying in Orlando, FL.